The Society uses WhosTheRef (WTR) to manage all aspects of the appointing process and referee feedback from clubs/teams. Support for WTR is provided by LSRFUR Regions in the 1st instance. Please DO NOT contact WTR directly.

Each club or school requires a WTR account to register fixtures and appointment requirements, known on the WTR platform as the Club Fixture Secretary. It is NOT necessary for each team to have a WTR account.

add/view fixtures on wtr

To Add/View fixtures on WTR please see the How To guide. 
Please be aware that you CANNOT AMEND fixtures - speak to your Re-Appointments Team if required.

WTR - CHanging club fixture secretary

Each club or school can only have one Fixture Secretary. If/when a change in this account holder is necessary, follow these steps:

  • Goto WTR Homepage and click the Login link (top right corner)Click on Sign Up as a New Use

  • Complete the form that is presented

  • On the form PLEASE:

    • Select LONDON-<Region> as the Organisation

    • Include in the comments box details of your role. E.g. Master, DOR, DOS at Hogwarts School or Fixture Secretary at XYZ Club etc. If you do not include details of your ROLE and CLUB your application will be REJECTED/DELETED and you may/may not be informed of this.

  • Verification of your application is normally done within 48hrs.

  • Once verified you will be emailed by WTR with details of how to set your password

  • The details in the comments box will enable a link to be created between you and the correct Club/School

  • For any such requests received, the incumbent (i.e. YOU) WILL be replaced with the new details, which will take immediate effect.