Introduction - Rules & Regulations

The information and links provided on this page are developed and maintained by other societies and organisations. wherever possible, all attempts are made to keep this information up to date.

however, LSRFUR strongly advise members to consult the relevant source of all materials for the DEFINitive and latest information.


Competition Rules & Regulations

Please use the following links to access the relevant rules, regulations and other information for competitions covered by the society:

The Man-Off Regulation

As outlined in RFU Regulation 13, Appendix 2, in RFU League Matches at Levels 3 and below, Cup Matches and Play-Off Matches, the following ‘Man-Off’ regulation applies. The summary below is provided for general guidance. Full regulation wording and conditions can be found on the RFU website here.

If uncontested scrums are ordered by the Referee, as a front row Player is required to be replaced if, having confirmed with the Team Captain (or Team Manager), there is no suitably trained and experienced front row replacement who started the match or from the nominated replacements, the team concerned shall not be entitled to replace the Player whose departure caused the uncontested scrum.

This scenario will likely occur due to:

  • Injury (including a temporary blood injury)

  • A Player being shown a yellow card or red card

On the return to the field of a front row Player who has been been temporarily excluded (blood injury or yellow card), the match shall continue with contested scrums, provided it is safe to do so.

in which competitions does the ‘man-off’ regulation apply?

This document, complied by a society member, provides an overview of many (but not all) league and cups competitions covered by LSRFUR. As well as providing details of maximum substitutions and interchanges, it references if the ‘Man-Off’ regulation applies in that competition.

Please note, this document is not an LSRFUR resource and is provided in good faith for general guidance purposes only. For the definitive and latest information please consult the relevant controlling organisation listed.